Ten Thousand Islands, Rookery Bay and ENP Forecast December 2019

11/25/2019 10:39 AM | Ron Presley (Administrator)

Clear and cool days and water
by Captain Joe Garcia

As you all may know I am strictly fishing either fly or artificial and the backcountry is amazing this time of year, the waters are clear, weather is amazing and the bite is on fire.  Time on the water is enhanced by good long days, taking full advantage of the weather and two tide turns.  Redfish, Trout and Snook are very cooperative and are receptive to pretty much anything we throw at them and with waters so clear sight fishing is outstanding.

Rookery Bay and the 10k Islands have been solid producers, focus your attention to the open areas adjacent to bays and creeks. Throw popping corks over a Gulp or Sea Shad in the deeper areas, about 4ft and the Trout will keep you busy.  The Reds are in the holes and deeper creeks and have been taking 5 inch Shads and 4 inch paddle tail shads on jigs.   Sight fish the outer beaches for cruising Snook and some good size Reds, work out to the grass flats and you’ll be rewarded Trout for the table, if  you so chose.  The cooler water also have Jacks and Lady Fish in aggressive moods so multi species days are the norm and will ad to an already fun mix.

The Glades are unique and the draw for me is how remote it is and how challenging it can be to dial in areas, they all look fishy!  Down in the Glades I like throwing the hard baits like the Rapala Coastal Series, it seems like they will pull in pretty much any critter out from cover and the strikes are aggressive.  With water being cooler the oyster beds and darker bottom bays will help bring up the temperature and as we know as little as a few degrees can make a huge difference.  The Trout bite has been solid with some gators on the bite, Redfish will be cruising along the mangroves as will Snook.  Now Snook … we’ve been encountering some studs back there so tie up stout leaders and be ready.

We’ve been fortunate to have avoided the tide issues that have plagued areas north of us and water quality has been very good with no signs of fish kills anywhere.  Runs to the back can be daunting but can pay off in huge dividends if you can dial in the fish.   

Tight line friends,

Captain Joe Garcia
Southern Glades Charters

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