Ten Thousand Islands, Rookery Bay and ENP Forecast October 2019

09/30/2019 3:52 PM | Ron Presley (Administrator)

Low water in the low country
by Captain Joe Garcia

Well we’ve experienced the first extreme tides these last couple of weeks. We fished a very low tide with high winds and the following week a super high tide where the camp ground and streets adjacent to the ramp were flooded. The fish were still active but where they were posted was a whole different story. It’s time to make adjustments to our fishing styles.

Fishing Rookery Bay, The 10k Islands and the Glades on an ultra low tide can pose unique challenges just getting to or leaving your fishing areas, the low water will force us to concentrate on very specific routes of travel. Well same goes for the fish! A low tide will concentrate them in holes, deeper creeks and troughs, so having done some homework is crucial. The concentration will gather them and competition can make for a great bite. High water on the other hand will push them into the mangroves and further into creeks so precise casting will be the norm in this challenging scenario. The bass fishing skills of our youth will come in handy now.

I usually forgo a top water lures so I can be as diverse as possible and not target any one species and to prevent snags. A 4/0 swim bait hook with one of the Bassassassin soft baits are my lures of choice. These soft baits can be configured “weedless” by imbedding the hook on the upper portion not unlike our bass fishing styles. The paddle tail such as the Sea Shad and the Die Dapper are great search baits, they can be cast and a simple retrieve will allow them to work as designed and elicit strikes out of hunger or reaction. When throwing to tight cover or mangroves I use the 4inch Shads, the lack of a tail helps cast better, prevents snags and moves them through tight cover easier. The Shad is worked with a “walk the dog” action, try to imagine a wounded fish with a very erratic swim action.

As always the tides will play an integral part in our success to. Even with such extreme fluctuations be sure to plan to be in position for the top and bottom of each tide. These times will have the fish active but prevent them form having to exert themselves in strong currents to acquire their meals. Another beauty to this time of year is the weather permits us to fish two tide turns at times and what can be better that that!

Captain Joe Garcia
Southern Glades Charters

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