Ten Thousand Islands, Rookery Bay and ENP Forecast September 2019

08/29/2019 11:38 AM | Ron Presley (Administrator)

Hot Bite in the backcountry heat
by Captain Joe Garcia

So generally I’ve recommended slowing things down in the heat of the summer since fish may be lethargic and lazy.  Well with the rains we’ve had and the cloudy days I decided to “test the waters” so to say.  Going against my own rules we have been throwing larger top water baits, hard jerk baits and large soft baits with crazy results!  Water temps in the back have been hovering on the cooler side in the low to mid 80s and though it may not seem like much, it has made a measurable difference.  It would appear that the added fresh water intrusion and cooler temps have lit up the bite.

The Jacks, Bluefish, Snook, Reds, Trout and Juvi Tarpon bite has been impressive.  Concentrate your efforts on main creeks and mangrove edges that have good tide flow and work the top of the incoming or outgoing tides.  With the bait stacking up on the edges of oyster beds and mangrove islands our target species have been feeding aggressively in those areas and mixed in with the youngsters we’ve caught some studs.  The sound of the water popping and churning as the sun rises will have you on edge and heavily anticipating those strikes. 

Top choices lately have been the Heddon Zara Spook in Bleeding Baitfish and the Rapala Coastal Twitchin Mullet, these lures have been pleasantly scarred and abused.  The Bassassassin 5” Shads in the Green Moon and Mama’s Chicken soft baits have been winners when throwing tight to cover and over shallow oyster beds.  The Bassassassin will also help access the fish holding a bit deeper.  The bite will dictate action but don’t be timid, work them hard.  Also remember to tell folks “never give up on a cast” we’ve had long follows and strikes right at skiff side.

Get out early … Tight Lines and have fun folks!

Captain Joe Garcia
Southern Glades Charters

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