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Fishing in Our Summer’s Heat
by Capt Joe Garcia

Summer is in full swing and it’s not uncommon that water temps will start off warm and can rapidly rise just as the sun does. Add to that, the expected mid day and afternoon storms and a full day on the water can be a challenge to many friends and clients.  It’s time to tap into our wealth of knowledge and to adjust our fishing to what Mother Nature throws at us.  Let’s plan to be on the water early and take advantage of the first few hours.  This ensures that temps, both water and atmosphere will be more tolerable.  In doing so also the fish may be less lethargic, more aggressive and apt to feed. 

For tackle I tend to downsize my lures, the 3” and 4” Bassassassin Sea Shads and 4” Salt Water Shads are exclusively my go to and the smaller profiles help with a less aggressive presentation when landing.  Color choices will be dictated by water clarity or “the hatch” we see in the area.  My rigging is done mainly on an unweighted 2/0 or 3/0 stout weedless worm hook, with a 1/8 oz hook at times in deeper water.  This helps the casts into mangroves and over oysters less intimidating and productive.  Rods in the 7ft range with medium light/fast actions help present these lures better and make casting easier.  With Snook and Tarpon still lurking my leaders are still tied with 30 or 40lb mono or flouro, ‘cause you never know!

The fish will be slower to react due to the warm conditions and since we are already downsizing now be sure to work the baits much more gentle as well.  This is not unlike bass fishing when you feel the lure on the bottom as you work it.  Take a moment to instruct and show folks the lures action up close.  A slight, gentle movement of the rod with slow take up from the reel is the best example to use, visualize the lure as it moves slowly and let yourself feel it as it moves.  This allows the lure to be in the fish’s strike zone the maximum amount of time and allowing that finicky fish to make it’s mind up to strike. 

We tend to take our weather for granted being here all year as we are, but for others this can be altogether a new experience not unlike the fishing may be.  It’s very important that we as Captains keep safety and comfort for others in the forefront.  Be sure to bring plenty of water and maybe sports drinks, keep snacks simple and fruits are a great idea to have available or recommend that folks bring.  Clothing and hat recommendations are important, suggest they bring what works for us and is proven to be most effective for the heat In the end, it’s all about having a good time, seeing new things and enjoying a day in our amazing backyard.

Tight Lines and have fun!

Captain Joe Garcia
Southern Glades Charters

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