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Ladies on the water
by Capt. Joe Garcia

There is no greater satisfaction than sharing what we enjoy with the ones we love. The ladies both in our lives and as guest can be great stewards of this amazing sport and the experience we share will dictate a return trip and an interest that may grow and they can share.  Keep in mind that this is new to many of them and that we are now in teaching mode, so have fun and keep it simple!!   

Experience levels will vary and with few exceptions a “quantity experience” will win over a monster fish hunt so it’s time to break out the knocker rigs, the popping corks and the jigs and seek out those trout, snapper, sheepshead and juvi holes.  A fast action light/medium inshore rod with a 2500 or 3000 series reel will be light and comfortable and much less tiring on the arms allowing for easier casting of those lighter lures and baits.  Become a teacher and include them in the process, show them how we tie leader and hooks on, why we have a jig or popping cork on and what our bait or lure choices are. 

As we head out make our runs short and direct to those areas that we know will produce the most action, remembering that size fish may not play a huge role.  Look for those grass flats and structure and start setting lines.  Bait choice can be shrimp, white baits, pilchards and cut mullet, with an artificial thrown in for fun.  Casting with artificial will both teach a new skill, break the monotony of waiting and can in fact produce exciting strikes.  Easy to use artificials can be as simple as a gold spoon or soft swim bait.  Keep close to cover and walk them through their casts, something I say always is that smooth is fast and that the rod is built to work for us.   

When we are introducing these ladies to our sport, be mindful of comfort to.  Have water and snacks available, know where a “rest stop” can be driven to.  Plan ahead with a surprise stop and take them to a beach where to have lunch and give them a chance to stretch.  If possible a beach or landing that allow shell collecting and has unique photo opportunities.  Remember we are making memories and creating a positive experience for them and us.

Tight Lines and have fun!

Captain Joe Garcia
Southern Glades Charters

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