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FGA Board of Directors member, Capt. Tom Van Horn was recently awarded the Bass Pro Shops Pass it On Award by the Florida Outdoor Writers Associaton. 

AWARD CRITERIA: The Bass Pro Shops Pass it On Award recognizes a FOWA member who’s gone the extra mile or devoted a lifetime to introduce other to the joys of the outdoors who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to do so. 

Capt. Van Horn certainly meets these criteria and is most deserving of the award. FGA congratulates him on receiving it. 


Capt. Tom was presented the award by FGA Member Capt. Rob Modys and FOWA President Jill Zima Borski.

His nomination reads as follow: 

Growing up in the backwater areas of Central Florida, Tom Van Horn developed a great respect for the outdoor resource and a passion for teaching others how to enjoy it. Based on his success in pursuing his passion, I nominate him for the FOWA Bass Pro Shops Pass it on Award. 

Tom is known to many as a fishing guide and until recently the co-publisher of Coastal Angler Magazine Orlando. In speaking of his role at CAM he once stated, “I’m using CAM Orlando as a platform to educate people old and new to Florida on how to become better anglers, with the hope of developing in them the same degree of respect and passion for the resource that I hold so dear.” 

His own words make it clear where he stands and how he feels about educating others about the outdoor resource. “The more people who learn about and appreciate the resources the more valuable it becomes for all who love the sport and the outdoors.” 


"It is just kind of a fishing paradise 

if you like river fishing"

Since there is a famous one in Italy and another in New York, the folks in northwest Georgia like to call their city ‘Georgia’s Rome to distinguish it from the others. Distinguishable it is.

Rome is a friendly city nestled in among seven prominent hills that create magnificent vistas in every direction. Running between those hills are three rivers that form what is described as North America's most biologically diverse river basin. That Coosa River Basin draws the attention of anglers and water lovers of all sorts.

Rome is located at the head of the Coosa River. The Oostanaula River comes flowing from the north and the Etowah River from the east to form the headwaters of the Coosa River Basin. It continues south through Alabama and, then to Mobile Bay.

One local angler that knows about the fishing in and around Rome holds an IGFA World Record for a fish caught on the Etowah River. Todd West developed a passion and a goal to use a fly rod to catch a record spotted bass on 2-pound tippet. After weeks and months passed without success his goal was finally reached. In April of 2013 Todd paddled his feelfree Kayak on the Etowah River and caught a 3 pound 14 ounce spotted bass that topped the old record by over a pound. alt

Photo: The Coosa River Basin is filled with all kinds of wildlife and scenic beauty. 

Todd describes the Coosa River Basin as one of the top bass fisheries in the Southeast, with many other species to target. “Big largemouths and big spots are all around,” states Todd. “There are also hybrid bass, stripers, monster bluegill and catfish. It is just kind of a fisherman’s paradise if you love river fishing.”   


U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland considers congressional hearing on invasive lionfish 

     During a recent trip to Key West, Fla., U.S. Congressman Steve Southerland, (R), who serves on the House Natural Resources Committee and its Fisheries Subcommittee, got an up-close, personal look at an invasive lionfish.  Two rapidly reproducing and voracious non-native lionfish species, imported from the Indo-Pacific region, are wreaking havoc on fisheries and marine ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico, Western Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea.alt

            Southerland, who was attending a Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council meeting, spent extra time to learn more about the lionfish invasion which is also growing more populous on the reefs near his hometown of Panama City, Fla.  The congressman serves Florida’s second district which includes over half of the Florida Panhandle’s coastal waters.  

           Capt. Bill Kelly, executive director of the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen's Association, and Sean Morton, superintendent of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, showed Southerland a lionfish on display in an aquarium at the sanctuary’s Eco-Discovery Center in the southernmost city.  Kelly, a speaker at the first-ever Lionfish Summit held last October by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission in Cocoa Beach, Fla., explained to Mr. Southerland how the invasion has grown to enormous proportions  and detailed efforts now being considered to launch a commercial lionfish trapping program in hopes of containing their spread.

            “We discussed the significance of this invasion and impacts on indigenous species,” said Kelly.  “While the typical fisherman may not know much about them, since lionfish are rarely caught on conventional fishing tackle, thousands of recreational divers, descending to 100 ft. depths, have observed growing numbers of them on popular Florida reefs, submerged wrecks and other underwater sites.  However, these population densities pale in comparison to lionfish aggregations found deeper (120-300’ or more) beyond safe recreational diving depths.”


FGA honors FWC officer and Marine Fisheries Employee at June Commission Meeting 

The Florida Guides Association on June 18 honored  Officer Craig Baker and staff member Jim Estes of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) for their outstanding conservation efforts. 


                    Capt. Kelly and Officer Baker(left), Capt. Kelly and Jim Estes (Right) Photos by Tim Donovan/FWC


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